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Sinner's Intuition (2006)


Sinner's Intuition

Cover artwork: Travis Smith
Recorded October-December 2005

@ Studio One
Racine, Wisconsin

Produced, engineered and mixed by
Chris Djuricic. Assistant engineer Aaron Brigman

Mastered at The Boiler Room
by Collin Jordan
Chicago, IL.

Released March 2006

Line up:
Steven Sagala- Vocals
Joe DeGroot- Guitar
Steve Stell- Guitar
Eric Kava- Bass
David Swanson- Drums

Guest musicians:
Jason Nixon- Keyboards


1.Witness To The Fall

2. Blacklist Assassin

3.The Slain

4. Halo of Ruin

5. Enemy Angel

6. Sever The Ties

7. Words In Red

8. The Course To Oblivion


Embraced By Misery Re-issue (2005) with new art and bonus tracks


Embraced By Misery re- release- CD
Cartel Media Records
1.) Of Open Wounds...
2.) The Acting Parts
3.) Embraced By Misery
4.) Dead Light, Dead Night
5.) Into The Everblack
6.) Standing In The Shadows
7.) Of Open Wounds...** Novalex Remix
8.) Into The Everblack* from demo 1999
9.) Standing In The Shadows Of Suicide* from demo 1999

For additional info on this release, see below.

The Forever Endeavor (2004)


The Forever Endeavor
Recorded May-July 2003

Cover artwork: Niklas Sundin

Studio One
Racine, WI

Produced, engineered and mixed by
Chris Djuricic

Mastered at The SafeRoom
by James Murphy
Polk City, FL.

Released March 2004 in USA/Euro
Released September '04 in Japan

Line up:
Steven Sagala- Vocals
Joe DeGroot- Guitar
Steve Stell- Guitar
Eric Kava- Bass
David Swanson- Drums

Guest musicians:
James Murphy- Lead Guitar
Jason Nixon- Keyboards


1. Tales Of Bitterness
2. The Forever Endeavor
3. A Break From Tradidion
4. Vertigo Equillibrium
5. Dead Light, Dead Night
6. Cloaked In Need
7. The Acting Parts
8. Poison Me
9. Redemption
10. All For Nothing

Embraced By Misery (2001)


Embraced By Misery MCD
Recorded December 2000

Cover artwork: Carlos Holmberg

Studio One
Racine, WI.

Recorded and mixed by
Chris Djuricic

Mastered at Mastermind Productions
by Trevor Sadler
Milwaukee, WI.

Released June 2001.

Line up:
Steven Sagala- Vocals
Eric Kava- Bass
Steve Stell- Guitar
Joe DeGroot- Guitar
Patrick O'Keefe-  Drums


1.Of Open Wounds...
2.The Acting Parts
3. Embraced By Misery
4. Dead Light, Dead Night
5. Into The Everblack
6. Standing In The Shadows
*7. Carcass cover of
Incarnated Solvent Abuse
(Bonus track for European
release only)

2 song demo (1999)


(Actual cassette sleeve art above. Note different logo.)
Demo/promo 1999
Recorded December 1998
DNA Studios
Norridge, IL.

Cover artwork: Brian Guther

Released January 1999.

Line up:
Steve Stell -Vocals/Guitar
Patrick O'Keefe - Vocals/Drums
Evets Llets - Bass


1.Into The Everblack
2.Standing In The Shadows Of Suicide

Rare. Only 100 copies made. Out of print since 1999.