In an abandoned car show car revealed rare

In the Canadian city of Ontario is one of the BMW dealership is closed now for 23 years, but in its depths, as it turned out, brand new cars are kept of previous years. Through the windows of the showroom you can see the Coupe 6-Series and the “top five” model 80s, but argues that it is only a small part of the “treasure.” Canned building also has underground parking, in which there are many more luxury Bavarian models.

The reason that business owner has stopped doing business and threw movable and immovable property, no one knows. According to locals, an entrepreneur in his time left in Toronto, where he also opened a saloon BMW, which lasted until 2002.
It is interesting that the abandoned dealership did not become a victim of vandalism and car remained intact. The building is still protected, and the more it seems strange that the owner still has not found the application premises and vehicles.

15 August 2011

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