Announced the winner of “World Car of the Year. Volkswagen Polo took the top prize.

At the auto show in New York summed up the annual contest “World Car of the Year.” In 2010, the main prize went to the new Volkswagen Polo, who was able to get ahead of Toyota Prius and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Earlier, VW Polo won the European competition “Car of the Year - 2010″, in which he 10 points ahead of Toyota iQ, and 126 points - Opel Astra.

In the category “sports car of the year” winner model Audi R8 V10, which fought for the title with Ferrari California and the Porsche 911 GT3.

The award for best design obtained Chevrolet Camaro, who fought for the victory with a Citroen C3 Picasso and Kia Soul.

In the nomination “Green Car of the Year” won clean line models concern Volkswagen, sold under subbrands BlueMotion: VW Polo, Golf and Passat. This group has fought for victory and two hybrid - Honda Insight and Toyota Prius.

In 2009, the title “World Car of the Year” went to another model Volkswagen - VW Golf, and in 2008 became the winner Hatchback Mazda2. The best sports car a year ago became the Nissan GT-R, but in 2008 the winner of this award has been recognized eight-version of the Audi R8.

“Green Car” in 2009 was recognized as a model Honda FCX Clarity, runs on hydrogen.

1 April 2010

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