Jaguar creates a co-production with China

Company Jaguar Land Rover is in talks on joint production with an unnamed automaker in China.

This will allow the company to increase its presence in “the largest market for cars in the world,” said Carl-Peter Forster, president of Tata Motors - a company which owns Jaguar.

Foster notes that to date the company’s position in many markets are not so strong as might be desired, and in particular it relates to China.

The British automaker Jaguar Cars Ltd. founded in 1922. Initially called the Swallow Sidecar Company and was engaged in the production of carriages for bikes. Development of the automobile, started practicing in 1927. Since 2008, belongs to the Indian company Tata Motors.

24 October 2010

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• The Indian company Tata has bought Jaguar and Land Rover »»»
According to the agreement between Tata Motors and Ford Indians pay more than $ 2 billion, writes Cardriver.
• Sales of General Motors in China for the first time exceeded U.S. rates »»»
For the first time in more than a century of existence of the American automobile giant General Motors (GM) sold in the native market fewer cars than in China.
• China became the largest automobile market of the world »»»
The British agency Press Association reported that in the past year, China has implemented more than 50% more cars than a year earlier.
• Die indische Firma Tata hat Jaguar und Land Rover gekauft »»»
Gemäß der Vereinbarung zwischen Tata Motors und Ford Indianer zahlen mehr als 2 Milliarden Dollar, schreibt Cardriver.
• La société indienne Tata a racheté Jaguar et Land Rover »»»
Selon l’accord conclu entre Tata Motors et Ford Indiens payer plus de 2 milliards de dollars, écrit Cardriver.