Administration of the Sakhalin region once again need a SUV for 3.5 million rubles

A new auction for the purchase of an expensive SUV Administration announced Korsakov, RIA SakhalinMedia with a link to procurement. The fact that the terms of reference to the purchase of veiled as a “road vehicle”, will cost 3.5 million rubles.

Recall that in early May, the district administration has already announced that same auction with the same initial cost and requirements. However, a little later frankly faceless technical requirements have been clarified a little order additional documents - the color of a seven-seater body “rover” was supposed to be metallic silver, and interior - dark. Under such characteristics specified in the list price monitoring of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (but also “disguised” - no names, because they are known as the sellers of prestige and luxury cars) gets Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in the luxury set.

June 5 the previous auction was declared invalid because of the lack of applications. Apparently, the SUV class “luxury” is needed Korsakov, again was declared the new purchase.

Recall, according to the present day, this case - a record for the last few months of immodesty in the number of requests Sakhalin “osvaivateley” of the budget. Even ignoring the ban on the prosecution and the SUV has bought nearly 3 million urban collection of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is worthy. However, there was the purchase Okha CRH Toyota Land Cruiser 200, though a bit cheaper - “only” 3 million. A Sakhalin foresters bought SUV for quite so “ridiculous” amount - about 2 million rubles of budget.

18 June 2012

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