Woman driver “Mercedes” beat pipe made her remark. The victim turned out to be major DPS

May 19 8.15 Company platoon leader, a DPS Detinych telephoned to the post of DPS at 42 km highway “Cola” and said that part of St. Petersburg is moving Mercedes-Benz driver, which creates an emergency situation on the road. Police Major was not in the performance and went to work in civilian clothes on a personal Renault Meghann. Along the way he saw the Mercedes was almost knocked down a pedestrian, and then made a dangerous maneuver.

When a foreign car stopped at a traffic police post, it appeared that the driver is a woman. However, when Detinych approached her, she closed the car doors and windows and refused to talk. Major returned to his Renault, and at this time the girl came out of the car, pulled out from the trunk of metal pipe and started hitting her on the car Detinycha. As soon as the platoon commander DPS out of the car, an angry fury attacked him and began to strike, aiming at his head. From the serious consequences of a policeman saved only their own hands, which he uses. DPS officers calmed down a woman who she was detained and taken to the police.

The injured employee is on sick leave, the doctors documented his abrasions and closed fracture of his left hand. According Azhur, delayed 25 years, she has worked at JSC “Rostek Northwest” in the post of foreign economic activity. At the present time it is solved with respect to the question of prosecution. Since she did not know what hit police officer, she is likely to be attributable bullying.

20 May 2010

Officials needed for flasher trip to the mall
Russian SDA closer to European standards. Inspectors shut down some types of feeders

• In Russia will toughen penalties for sale of cars with foreign license plates »»»
Severe punishment - up to criminal - threatens those who use cars with foreign license plates - for illegal sale.
• From the new traffic rules while the inspectors can only win STSI »»»
On this Sunday in Russia radically changed some rules of the road.
• The Supreme Court has forbidden to punish drunk drivers only for the presence of cars »»»
Russian Supreme Court basically defended all motorists of the country from unwarranted accusations of drunkenness at the wheel when the car is standing still.
• How to leave a tint? »»»
September 23, 2010, amendments to the Administrative Code, namely, will complement st.
• Drunk girl in the BMW pulled down 40 meters fence »»»
It all happened in St. Petersburg on the streets Korablestroiteley around midnight.