Virtual cable

“Virtual cable” - a device that plugs into a torpedo car, synchronized with gps-navigator and project a route directly to the windshield as a red line. The site developer has a video demonstrating a novelty in action.

17 December 2007 | cable, device, line, route

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• Virtual trinkets on the windshield from Microsoft »»»
Microsoft continues to maintain an enigmatic expression on his face when it comes to the so-called “adaptive user interface, projected on the windshield.
• Automobile navigation is also possible to hack! »»»
Navigators for the RDS to receive reports of traffic jams, but the technology does not certify the source of the message, so that an attacker can easily send fake alert, redirecting the driver on the desired route attacker.
• Blonde opens the car with a tennis ball »»»
The video which demonstrates the good old way to open the car with the help of an ordinary tennis ball (with a small hole in it).
• Opened Internet-shop "Driving" »»»
We solemnly announce the sale of goods through its own online store open!
• The project to create Open-Source Car »»»
Markus Merz, who works in the company BMW, along with other engineers, enthusiasts, as a hobby in 1999 founded the project Oscar (Open Source Car).