Luzhkov has updated its fleet (the top version of Audi A8L for $ 800000)

Yuri Mihalich, minion of fortune, recently updated its fleet. If you remember, then went to the capital’s mayor at the “old” armored Audi A8. Something wrong with her: some say - was burned, others - is hopelessly broken. In Ingolstadt appreciate the choice of policy and quickly gathered his new car. But Luzhkov is not the King of Spain (Audi for many years is the supplier of the court of His Majesty Juan Carlos I), so had to pay for the car. Until the end of the unknown - how many exactly. We only know that the base version of the Audi A8L Security is in Russia for about 630 thousand euros (the only model of the group, whose prices are denominated in euros).

11 March 2007 | audi, cars, meadows

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• In the engine, the Audi »»»
Company Audi has received the first prize in the category Engine of the Year (Engine of the Year) for the third year in a row!
• Construction of the factory Nissan near St. Petersburg has begun! »»»
Postponed until the ceremony of laying the first stone, finally took place.
• New Subaru Impreza »»»
Unlike predecessors, the new Subaru Impreza, the third generation appeared hatchback.
• Porsche earns in the sale of each machine is 65 times more VW »»»
Average profit of Porsche with each sales amounts to 21 thousand 799 euro - it is nine times larger than its nearest “competitor” - the company BMW, and 65 times more than the average revenue from the sale of one car brand Volkswagen.
• Today in India was presented the car for 2,5 thousand dollars »»»
The long-awaited premiere of the car, whose value is only 2,5 thousand dollars, was held Thursday in the Indian capital, the Ashgabat correspondent of RIA Novosti.