Top Gear almost got his head in America

Overall Top Gear filming story in America: one of the leading bought a used car for 1000 ve in Miami and began to test them as usual, one step test was a motor race at 500 miles. In one state, they decided to decorate their car race directly to decorate their cars inscriptions: “Hilori for president,” “NASCAR Sucks” and “Vestorny garbage. They forgot that in Alobame Hilori not like, and what they live there real patriots …

complete collection of U.S. release

12 February 2007 | head, mile, motor race, stage, test, top gear, united states

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• Every 24 seconds in the U.S. stealing car »»»
While the hero Nicolas Cage in the famous movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” steals per minute road racing Ford, his real “colleagues” in the United States manage to steal three cars.
• Schumacher is back behind the wheel of a race car »»»
Seven-time world champion in Formula 1 took part in the tests on the karting circuit of La Concha in southern Italy, reports Autosport.
• Australia will eliminate street racing cars »»»
The authorities of the Australian state of New South Wales (New South Wales) is going to begin to withdraw from street racing, participating in illegal street racing their cars and use the machines to crash tests, which will be recorded on video.
• The Japanese took 6 out of 10 positions in the best-selling U.S. car »»»
Publication Forbes released its ranking of the best cars of America for 2007.
• Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - 253 km / h. The fastest production cars in the world. »»»
After 4 years of development Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is ready for serial production.