Avto@Mail.Ru: In St. Petersburg began garage War

Head of the oil company put to select podeshevke most lucrative piece of the company in favor of gosudarsta - is about the oligarchs and far. Western investors are accused of harming the environment, to podeshevke select promising project in favor of the state - this is again not about us, but about large corporations, and in general about the national heritage. People selected property, and allocated half a billion rubles in compensation had disappeared - it is about us?

12 January 2007 | corporation, head, investor, podeshevka, project, russia, state, war

New rules for transporting children puzzled by taxi drivers and not only
Mitsubishi plans to open production in Russia

• Project to encourage purchases of domestic cars will start in 2010 and provides for payment of 50 thousand rubles for the disposal of old cars. »»»
Pilot project to promote the purchase of domestically produced vehicles.
• OSAGO - someone who pays? »»»
Automobile owners pay for the policies OSAGO two times more than received.
• $ 51 billion a year - the price of poor Russian roads »»»
Lack of road safety cost Russia more than $ 51 billion (1.
• Moldovans will produce components for BMW »»»
The German company intends to build Draexlmaier Moldova plant electrical cable and onboard systems for automobiles BMW.
• AvtoVAZ to Renault to sell for $ 1 »»»
Company “AvtoVAZ” should be sold to a French concern Renault for $ 1, said head of the company autodealer “Rolf” Sergei Petrov.