GOOGLEmobil - on autopilot for the U.S.

The machine with the autopilot - not a myth but a reality. This proved Corporation GOOGLE, presenting his robomobil. Just google lobbying for the law to permit the autopilot on U.S. roads

13 May 2011

Scream, do not yell - it is useless
De Tomaso Pantera break free.

• Volvo Trucks announces musical reality show "Life on the road" »»»
Volvo Trucks has decided to remove a reality show featuring singer Mapei.
• Volvo Trucks kündigt musikalischen Reality-Show "Das Leben auf der Straße" »»»
Volvo Trucks hat beschlossen, eine Reality-Show mit der Sängerin Mapei entfernen.
• Neat Dutchmen were removed from the streets of traffic lights »»»
Traffic lights make the road dangerous, so it is best to remove them.
• Volvo Trucks annonce musicale émission de télé réalité "La vie sur la route" »»»
Volvo Trucks a décidé de supprimer une émission de télé réalité mettant en vedette la chanteuse Mapei.
• Forbidden fruit Maserati MC12 »»»
New supercar Maserati would not be allowed on public roads Maserati MC12 looks very cool.