Daewoo Nexia New is on a conveyor

Beginning next month, a major supplier of “Uzbeks” in Russia’s market, the company UzDaewooAuto begins production of new generation cars, economy class, one of the most popular among domestic car owners, whose arrival in dealer showrooms planned in 2009.

17 January 2008 | conveyors, dealer, generation, market, month, motorist, production, salon, supplier

Drift (controlled drift car)
Chauffeured Toyota Prado, brought down last week in Odessa, 11 cars, was the son of MP

• Machinery - mermaids will go for half price »»»
Company Mazda said that most of the cars were evacuated from the ship Cougar Ace, arrive in showrooms of authorized dealers in the United States.
• Toyota opened the first of the automakers in Russia own bank - "Toyota Bank" »»»
Those who want to buy a Toyota car loan will soon be able to arrange it in his own bank automaker.
• A new site AUTONIKS »»»
Company brings together the three major car salon in Moscow.
• GM dealers offer a test drive at Toyota »»»
Company GM went to a bold marketing move, starting from next month, dealers Saturn Aura sedan will offer potential buyers to test-drive with similar models from other companies directly in the showroom.
• For 11 months in Russia, raised more than 1 million cars »»»
The volume of car production in the industrial assembly in Russia for 11 months increased over the same period of 2005 to 74% - up to 245,547 cars, said Deputy Director of the Department of Industry Ministry of Industry of Russia Viktor Semenov.