10 “female” cars to appeal to men

Magazine Eve Cars from the UK held an unusual survey of “hundreds of men.” They had to answer the question: “What should a woman go to impress a man?”. The answers were somewhat fanciful, and some simply inadequate.

15 January 2008 | hundred, magazine, man, question, united kingdom, woman

The future of auto-interface?
Ferrari has released cars on ethanol

• Russians no longer love second-hand car »»»
According to a survey conducted by market research agency Vector Market Research among car owners in and around Moscow, 65% of respondents as their next car will acquire a new car, 16% - used, in addition, a significant proportion of those (19%) who had not yet determined with the answer to this question.
• AUTOBOSS: "What the customer wants?" Or new ways of working with clients »»»
June 14, 2007 will be held 20 meetings of the club managers of automobile “AUTOBOSS”!
• In Vladivostok, an action in defense of RHD vehicles: "The prohibition of the right rudder - Genocide Far East" »»»
In Vladivostok, the drivers held a protest rally against a possible ban on the operation and the import RHD cars.
• In Germany, arrested the woman, to feed the child while driving at full speed »»»
In one of the German city police arrested a woman who was breast-feeding a child while driving.
• Russia's motorists have begun collecting signatures for the dismissal Luzhkov »»»
Russia’s car enthusiasts from among the activists of social movement “Freedom of Choice” have begun collecting signatures for the resignation of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov.