Avtopeydzher: “frivolousness your parking regrettable”

Social networking for motorists last fall has become a fashionable trend (remember at least the same “Autokadabra”) that could not overlook the company Rosbusinessconsulting. A wholly owned subsidiary of RBC “Media World” announced late last year about the launch of four new social services, among which was “Avtopeydzher” - service with a totally speaking for himself the title.

8 January 2008 | account, avtopeydzher, motorist, network, parking, service

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• Honda will release a hydrogen car in 2008 »»»
Company Honda has announced that next year’s planned release of a new car Honda Civic FCX, equipped with a hydrogen engine.
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An attempt to sort out who created the first domestic social network for car enthusiasts.
• Social network of good companions »»»
The UK site isanyonegoingto.com launched his own social network where users register and fill in the form, place your photo (and if you want a photo of his car) and the requirements for companion (this can be a businessman, student or just people with similar interests).
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In 2008, launched a creative advertising campaign “Do not drink driving, with the participation of Michael Schumacher.
• Checkup on the new »»»
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a decision to transfer responsibility for the mandatory inspection of cars for private companies.