A young couple named their daughters Porsche, Lexus and Audi

A young couple from the United States agreed to name two of his daughters name car brands Porsche and Audi, transmits News-Journal.

Before the birth of twins Craig and Sondra Harrington (Craig, Sondra Harrington) was already six years old daughter that her husband wanted to name Porsche. However, Sondra insisted on behalf of Lexus. More appropriate name for a girl Mercedes wife ignored.

7 January 2008 | audi, couple, daughter, lexus, name, porsche, sondra harrington, united states

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• Favorite automotive brands »»»
Consumer Reports, which enjoys great popularity among motorists, decided to consider consumer attitudes towards different brands.
• Porsche does not want to pay »»»
Porsche intends to increase its stake in the biggest European automakers - Volkswagen (VW) to 31%.
• General Motors can not hire a director because of low wages - less than a million dollars a year »»»
Company General Motors in the summer of 2009 passed the procedure of restructuring through bankruptcy and received from the U.
• Porsche earns in the sale of each machine is 65 times more VW »»»
Average profit of Porsche with each sales amounts to 21 thousand 799 euro - it is nine times larger than its nearest “competitor” - the company BMW, and 65 times more than the average revenue from the sale of one car brand Volkswagen.
• Silver - the most popular car color for the past 9 years »»»
In North America, every fourth car is painted in silver color.