Car with the new gadget can build mug

Unusual technical innovation for car owners, released under the slogan “Breathe life into your car!”, Appeared in one of the shops Runet in the category “Gifts”.

Avtogadzhet “car with character” can show others their emotions on the road. The device is mounted on the rear window of the car with suction cups, and a remote control - on the front.

5 January 2008 | car owner, category, gift, life, news, ðóíåò

Motorists in Beijing have established a kind of “Olympic” record, creating hundreds of private cars, the five Olympic rings
Bosch has developed a system of salvation Pedestrian

• 1901 - State of New York introduced the world's first car number »»»
In Russia, long before motorists with problems obtaining and maintaining license plates collided cabbies.
• The European Union has decided to equip cars devices for remote stop »»»
In the European Union are going to install on cars devices to remotely turn off the engine.
• The Renault has started an epidemic of suicides »»»
French corporation Renault had expressed serious concern over the increasing incidence of suicide among employees of the company’s research department.
• Mazda 6 2008 года »»»
Second version of the Mazda 6 has risen to a new level.
• Alien Citroen C2: alien from "SQ Plus" »»»
Citroen C2 Revised Draft British company called SQ Plus Alien Citroen C2.