Recently, to the delight of motorists in Moscow, a new site

Recently, to the delight of motorists in Moscow, a new site Domain name for itself quite telling: site visitors can find information on all car washes in and around Moscow. Owning a car is also pleased: they opened a new advertising platform.
To a new teller appeared on the site, just go to the main page and click on the link to the right “Add to sink. Page opens with a questionnaire to be filled. If the product works with a sink and another tire shop or cafe, on the site this information can also be accommodated. Do not want to fill in the questionnaire - you can send information on the carwash email, who posted on the site administrator.
Motorists using the new site can find the addresses and phone numbers of the much-needed services at times. This page is a search string, you can enter the name of drivers of the street, after which the site will give your nearest car wash. The need to urgently change or wash the car, perebortovat wheel may be sudden, anywhere in the city. Then come to the aid Incidentally, the site has versions for PDA ( and a mobile phone (, which allows you to find information without leaving their cars.
In addition to information about car services site provides the latest news from Moscow road : the opening of a new road or on the news in OSAGO. Those drivers who are stuck in a traffic jam or at some stage, the site offers a number of gambling and board games that you can play online with other users ….

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Highspeed Event: for those who like to urge.
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Company Yandex has announced the launch of a mobile version of the map of traffic jams.
• Traffic police find the perpetrators of pre-New year traffic jams in the capital. This drivers »»»
For none of those in the New Year days in the capital is no secret that Moscow is “not only in peak hours, and from early morning until late at night.
• Eröffnet Internet-Shop "Fahren" »»»
Wir verkünden feierlich den Verkauf von Waren durch ihre eigenen Online-Shop eröffnet!
• Opened Internet-shop "Driving" »»»
We solemnly announce the sale of goods through its own online store open!
• Traffic police to collect fines from drivers in the capital's shops »»»
A few weeks in Moscow shopping centers, stores and offices, traffic police will install terminals 200-500 instant payment, in which traffic police will be able to collect fines from drivers who violated traffic regulations.