New Mazda at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007 (Tokyo Autoshow 2007)

In October 2007, at the Tokyo Motor Show Mazda will show a new concept coupe. New car the best solutions with 4-concepts, as shown previously Mazda: Nagere, Ryuga, Senku, Hakaze. The exclusive feature of the new coupe will be conceptually new rotary engine.

18 September 2007 | auto show, clump, concept, mazda, news, october, solution

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• Mazda Taiki: too Zoom-Zoom »»»
New concept car the company was named Mazda Taiki. This model is an extension of the philosophy of Zoom-Zoom, and shows the direction in which to develop design new cars Mazda.
• Mazda Taiki: trop Zoom-Zoom »»»
Nouveau concept car la société a été appelé la Mazda Taiki.
• New concept Ford Explorer America »»»
Within the Detroit auto show will be shown a new concept called the Ford Explorer America, which was presented recently by Ford.
• The first photos of concept car Mazda Furai. »»»
Several weeks ago, Mazda showed exclusive photos of their new concept car Mazda Furai, which provoked a lively interest in the society.
• Mazda Taiki: zu Zoom-Zoom »»»
New Concept Car des Unternehmens hieß Mazda Taiki. Dieses Modell ist eine Erweiterung der Philosophie des Zoom-Zoom, und zeigt die Richtung, in die Gestaltung der Entwicklung neuer Autos Mazda.