Automotive Tools: womans only!

British company The Pink Toolbox Co has created a set of tools for Women Pink Car Kit, worth $ 50. It includes such necessary items as the wire to start the engine from an external source, battery charger for mobile phone and a hammer - all in a girlish pink color.

10 September 2007 | color, device, engine, launch, phone, set, source, view, woman

Mercedes-Benz presented the new flagship concept: F 700
“Kid” from Volkswagen: the new compact concept VW UP!

• Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Version-R »»»
Order to somehow mark the first anniversary of the start of production Colt Ralliart Version-R Mitsubishi company offered a special series of JDM.
• Auto insurance for women »»»
Who would have thought that in such a conservative industry like insurance could creep customization by sex clients.
• Americans will solve the problem of traffic jams by using mobile phones »»»
American company InteliOne Technologies has begun testing technology to combat traffic jams with computer-based tracking of radio signals emitted by mobile phones.
• New donuts save motorists from fines »»»
Anonymous U.S. officials said the company’s Anti-Ticket Donut reported creating a product that will make a new order on the roads.
• Mobile phone increases the probability of an accident in 4 times »»»
Drivers talking on cell phone, even with the use of the device Hands-Free, dangerous drivers on the road in a state of light intoxication.