Lada Kalina becomes a star TV screen

Autumn, on our television screens will be released series where the plot unfolds against the background of racing with the car Lada Kalina. Interviewed the owners of these vehicles, which was unanimously supported in the spirit that “for such money would be better to have brought” Kalina “to mind”

10 April 2007 | kalina, lada, membership, money, owner, star, tv screen

Russia’s motorists have begun collecting signatures for the dismissal Luzhkov
Lada C will cost up to 12 thousand dollars.

• AvtoVAZ two years will produce "classic" »»»
We AvtoVAZ produces two modifications of the “classics” - Lada 21053 ( “Five”) and Lada 2107 ( “Seven”).
• A man stole a car with the garage »»»
Car with the garage stole the offender in the Astrakhan region.
• Stolen car returned to owner after 30 years »»»
Police handed California Ronald Leingu Ford Thunderbird “(Ford Thunderbird) 1956 release, which he was last seen June 21, 1976.
• In 2007, AvtoVAZ will release a 8000 Lada 112 Coupe »»»
In 2007, the Experimental-industrial production of OJSC “AvtoVAZ” (BEP) intends to release about 8000 cars Lada 112 Coupe - three-door hatchback built on the basis of Lada 112.
• "Lada C" will cost 12 thousand dollars cheaper »»»
The new model is Volga automobile plant - a car class “C” - will cost no more than 12 thousand dollars.