A woman drowned her Mercedes-Benz SL500 because “navigatsionki”

The representative of the fair sex was going to a party in the city Leicestershire (Leicestershire), calmly looking at the screen navigation system, yet was on a deserted country road. But this is not confused courageous queen of off-road. Continuing to follow the instructions in “navigatsionki”, she faced a ford, which washed away by torrential rains, and not really thinking, boldly lomanulas in water at a sports roadster.

18 March 2007 | city, mercedes-benz, road, system, woman

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• The new navigation system from Ford »»»
It was learned that the car company Ford will soon be equipped with new navigation systems.
• Le nouveau système de navigation de Ford Ford »»»
On a appris que l’entreprise automobile Ford va bientôt être équipés de systèmes de navigation.
• Sergei Cat shot clip "Sit on the road" »»»
Singer, songwriter and poet Sergei Kot, the project leader, “Sergei Cat Lightbeat” shot video on a time-tested hit “Let’s sit on the road.
• Nissan will not allow the driver to "catch up" before going car »»»
According to the company of Nissan in the near future carmaker will release a limited batch test vehicles equipped with new security system, a feature which is in the sensor, radio and infrared sensors with which the car will avoid collisions, such as walking on the road in front of cars.
• Virtual trinkets on the windshield from Microsoft »»»
Microsoft continues to maintain an enigmatic expression on his face when it comes to the so-called “adaptive user interface, projected on the windshield.