As rail crane became Rolls-Royce

As of the close coupe turned “living room on wheels.” Who in the morning called President FIAT. Whose Silver ghost wandered around England. From what Ford has occurred “Emka. When Opel became an American. What exam was taking Mr. Bean. What was made the first Porsche.

12 March 2007 | clump, fiat, ford, president, wheel

Luzhkov has updated its fleet (the top version of Audi A8L for $ 800000)
Spy Photos updated BMW 6 Series

• Concerns General Motors and Ford may unite! »»»
“Mania alliances” made a new turn. First, General Motors wanted to merge with Renault / Nissan, followed by a similar union of the French proposed to Ford.
• Unique Plymouth Belvedere 1957 release of the rust has eaten »»»
Underground concrete sarcophagus, in which 50 years ago, American authorities put the city of Tulsa luxury coupe, was leaking, and seep into the water it is almost completely filled the room.
• Alien Citroen C2: alien from "SQ Plus" »»»
Citroen C2 Revised Draft British company called SQ Plus Alien Citroen C2.
• 105-year old woman got into an accident »»»
In England in the accident hit a woman named Sheila Thompson, who recently celebrated … 105.
• The first test FIAT 500 »»»
He first Fiat 500 for Italy - an icon, a national treasure and at the same time, something warm and familiar, like Grandma’s quilt.