How to have fun in a traffic jam. Council of Psychologists

In the film “I’ve had enough” movie character Michael Douglas gets in the bottle and so upset about this, then what eliminates almost half the population of Los Angeles. The emergence of these maniacs around the corner and we …

1 March 2007 | board, cork, enjoy, film, half, people

Informal penalties for violation of traffic rules will grow strongly

• Western Star has released a new aerodynamic truck - Optimus Prime prototype »»»
Industry ad the other day for the first time saw the Western Star 5700XE - a truck that inspired Hollywood.
• Projet visant à encourager les achats de voitures domestiques va commencer en 2010 et prévoit le paiement de 50 mille roubles pour l'élimination des vieilles voitures. »»»
Projet pilote visant à promouvoir l'achat de véhicules de production nationale.
• Drift (controlled drift car) »»»
Drift - controlled drift car at disrupting the rear axle, while the front wheels turned in the opposite rotation direction.
• From 1 January 2009 Russia goes to Euro-3 »»»
Translation of Russia’s automobile industry to more stringent environmental requirements in doubt, as in sparsely populated areas of the country’s environmental effects will be almost unnoticeable, while significantly more expensive vehicles blow on consumers.
• Japanese car manufacturers back in the ranks »»»
More than half of the closed assembly lines today, Toyota will resume.