Europe’s biggest street battle cars “King of Europe”

In connection with the very dynamic development of drag racing in Eastern Europe, Europe’s biggest street battle cars “King of Europe”, in 2007 will be held in Poland. In addition to the races at 402 meters, visitors waiting stunning show drifters and motorcyclists, and more.

13 January 2007 | battle, development, europe, king

Crew Mardeeva “KAMAZ-Master” after 7 stages took 2 nd place in the overall rally “Dakar-2007″
Vatican newspaper condemned the car racing Dakar

• In New York build the future street »»»
One of the streets of New York - The Ninth Avenue in Chelsea - will soon be rebuilt and will please cyclists!
• In Moscow will create a museum of vintage cars »»»
Municipal Museum of the retro cars will be in Moscow on Malaya Trubeckoy street in place of the fifth trolley park, told RIA Novosti source in the city administration.
• Australia will eliminate street racing cars »»»
The authorities of the Australian state of New South Wales (New South Wales) is going to begin to withdraw from street racing, participating in illegal street racing their cars and use the machines to crash tests, which will be recorded on video.
• Annual auto show in Brussels »»»
Today over auto show, which is held every year in winter in Brussels.
• Vatican newspaper condemned the car racing Dakar »»»
Vatican newspaper Osservatore romano condemned one of the most famous motor racing world - Rally Dakar.