Airbags will shoot “outside”

German scientists find it necessary to equip the cars external airbags that protect pedestrians from being hit on the windshield. If the EU leadership would intervene, the requirements may be taken as early as 2008-m.

24 December 2006 | claim, impact, management, pedestrian, pillow, security

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• Bosch has developed a system of salvation Pedestrian »»»
Bosch is provided an electronic system to protect pedestrians - Electronic Pedestrian Protection (EPP).
• Now, every car is equipped with airbags Toyota »»»
Toyota Motor Co. reported that all new cars manufactured by the company, will be standard must be equipped with airbags.
• Nissan and Infiniti vehicles to protect pedestrians at running »»»
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will equip the cars of the new development is near fall.
• How to find and steal cars in Russia »»»
About 80% of luxury cars (costing more than 1 million rubles.
• Year of the confiscation of lighting devices: as there will be new rules of the road »»»
From 1 January 2007 all over Russia come into effect changes to the Rules of the road.