Soon there will be the long-awaited premiere Volvo XC90

In early October at the Paris Motor Show will be held on the long-awaited premiere of the new generation Volvo XC90.

Currently on the market, this model is one of the oldest, but, nevertheless, continues to be in demand among car enthusiasts because of its cost: in Russia this large and comfortable car can be purchased for less than two million rubles, excluding shares or discounts .

Price of the new XC90, is likely to be higher, but the buffet car will be one of the most innovative machines on the market today, as the Chinese company Geely, now owns Volvo, has not stinted on the development.

12 April 2014

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• In 2011, Russians spent on new cars nearly $ 60 billion »»»
The volume of the market for new cars in Russia last year reached nearly $ 60 billion, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Russians began to buy more cars at higher prices.
• In Russia, prices plummeted used cars »»»
From January to May, sales of used cars in Russia fell by a quarter, according to Kommersant.
• Held two auctions for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles in / h 28178. Outcome - to 140.7 million rubles for the parts on a car »»»
During the auction for the maintenance and repair 41 of Volkswagen and Audi starting price of the contract reduced from 11.
• Approved price list for medical help for drivers »»»
In the near future the country will start to operate the new price list for medical help to get driver’s licenses and license to bear arms.
• In February, the Russians spent on cars nearly $ 5.5 billion »»»
The volume of the Russian automotive market value last month amounted to 162.