The future of auto-interface?

I venture to suggest that what you see - not fiction nonsense. This is the brutal reality that awaits us almost from day to day. Another will look for ways to cut pop-ups on the windshield of the car, as well as to choose - what car browser juzat …

14 January 2008 | day, glass, method

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• Virtual trinkets on the windshield from Microsoft »»»
Microsoft continues to maintain an enigmatic expression on his face when it comes to the so-called “adaptive user interface, projected on the windshield.
• AvtoVAZ began collecting complaints of car owners »»»
AvtoVAZ seeks any means to retain customers. To do this, he even had to become more open to the consumer.
• Lada Kalina - dream idiot »»»
Whatever you call - Project 1118, Project 2116, Project 2170, in fact, no difference.
• What will be the car of the future? »»»
We probably watched films about fantasy or read well-known science fiction writers.
• Tuning in the eyes of Europeans, Russia »»»
Nobody thought about what opinion has been formed in the west of tuning in Russia?