A man stole a car with the garage

Car with the garage stole the offender in the Astrakhan region. With the help of a crane he raised his garage, loaded onto a truck and brought back.

Local resident approached the ATS Trunovskij area. According to her, in the period from 1 to 9 October, unknown stole her garage, standing on a vacant lot and remain in the VAZ-2106. A relative of the woman’s claims that it should be him money, and the expense of the money seized from her garage.

10 October 2007 | garage, man, money, offender, region, vehicle

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• Money for the car for the doctor Emtseva collected all Runet ... »»»
… a local dealer “VAZ” and refused to install on the machine the necessary equipment.
• Unmanaged crane crushed 17 cars »»»
A major accident took place in Novosibirsk on Monday. Unmanaged 18-ton diesel crane KrAZ “went to the crossroads in the area of Labor and crushed 17 cars standing there with people.
• The Supreme Court will consider a claim for the abolition of all privileges for machines with spetssignalami »»»
Machines with spetssignalami may be left without benefits. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will consider the claim residents of the Kaliningrad region, Yuri Zevakina who contested the obligation to give way to the driver’s cars with flashing lights.
• Khabarovsk police demanded 300,000 rubles for the return of stolen cars »»»
In the Khabarovsk region opened a criminal case against three members of the criminal investigation department of the Amur region.
• Under Rostov drunken militiamen shot down two pedestrians to death at a bus stop »»»
The incident occurred on Wednesday, October 14, around 22:20 on a 24-kilometer highway Rostov-na-Donu - Stavropol.