Cars for muscular body and gets traction motors

American company HumanCar released pictures of its new exotic “green” project. This time it introduced car-hybrid, set in motion by the united strength of four passengers and a pair of small electric motors.

23 September 2007 | body, couple, electric motor, movement, passenger, project

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New Subaru Impreza

• Audi confirms hybrid Q5 »»»
German manufacturer Audi is not very fan of electric vehicles in every aspect, but it seems that this it only fuels his interest in “green” novinkam.
• Silver - the most popular car color for the past 9 years »»»
In North America, every fourth car is painted in silver color.
• Current Motor Show in Geneva was the most environmentally friendly: how many such hybrids have not yet been offered. »»»
Each year in the spring at the Geneva Motor Show, meet all the world’s major automakers, to once again come together in the battle for the heart of the buyer.
• Infinite ring quenches thirst restless Electric »»»
Nobody disputes that electric vehicles are clean, comfortable and reliable.
• Ford tries to set a new world speed record »»»
In August 2007, Ford intends to establish a new world speed record for cars with an electric motor.