Gang of motorcyclists in Moscow robs women on foreign cars

In Moscow, wielded by a gang of motorcyclists who robs women of expensive cars. In the metropolitan police department say that only the past week for perpetrators of several dozen similar robberies.

17 September 2006 | gang, inomarka, moscow, motorcycle, offender, police department, ten, week, woman

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• The robbers were planted by the owner of cars to the Moscow Ring Road »»»
In Moscow, the robbers stole luxury cars, along with the owner, who was deputy director of a major corporation.
• Moscow does not provide toll roads »»»
The possibility of introducing tolls on the projected, under construction or already existing metropolitan highways in the Moscow Government was not considered.
• Traffic police to collect fines from drivers in the capital's shops »»»
A few weeks in Moscow shopping centers, stores and offices, traffic police will install terminals 200-500 instant payment, in which traffic police will be able to collect fines from drivers who violated traffic regulations.
• From 1 January in Moscow will increase vehicle tax »»»
In Moscow on January 1, 2008 will be increased vehicle tax.
• American hijackers did not know how to use a gearbox »»»
After selecting a car, they never got budge. They came from the fact that they simply do not know how to drive a car with manual gearbox.