Nissan and Infiniti vehicles to protect pedestrians at running

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will equip the cars of the new development is near fall. Automatically erect upon impact hood is designed to reduce pedestrian head injuries. Nissan is the given system in its own program, whose purpose - to reduce by 2015 the number of accidents involving cars in half, compared with 1995.

5 August 2007 | design, head, hitting, hood, impact, injury, nissan, pedestrian

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• Auto Nissan will "see" pedestrians on cell phones »»»
Company Nissan is developing a new system aimed at reducing the number of road accidents involving pedestrians.
• Bosch has developed a system of salvation Pedestrian »»»
Bosch is provided an electronic system to protect pedestrians - Electronic Pedestrian Protection (EPP).
• Drunken Estonian pedestrian "shot down" a car »»»
On Tuesday evening at the 109 kilometer route Tallinn - Tartu been an accident involving a pedestrian and a car Toyota Corolla.
• In Russia create a car-robot »»»
With Russian scientists and engineers has launched an unusual project “35 thousand”, designed to reduce the number of accidents on the roads of the country.
• The Japanese have developed a new airbag »»»
Unique “air cushion” for the Japanese car developed an independent organization “systems of protection in traffic accidents,” ITAR-TASS.