Community Network showed underside visit Putin at the “Kalina”

Putin Rally in Kalina, which has already yielded its first fruits - the statements about raising taxes on cars, followed by questions on Russia’s accession to the WTO, turns around, it seems, a grand anti-PR for the WHA.

In addition to the information which the replacement of faulty “Kalina” on another, similar to the Internet a video that demonstrates how significant taxpayer money spent on dubious public relations campaign. And in the same clip can be seen that for the path using even two “Kalina”, but three. One of which, for safety’s sake, moves evacuator.

Thus, with the help of the Prime Minister, the WHA has once again confirmed the reputation of machines set up not to drive, but for the service.

31 August 2010

35% of Russians are ready to buy a new car in the coming year
What are the criteria put up the price of a new or second-hand car.

• In Russia will toughen penalties for sale of cars with foreign license plates »»»
Severe punishment - up to criminal - threatens those who use cars with foreign license plates - for illegal sale.
• Putin will introduce a tax on old cars »»»
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin approved the introduction of utilization in the country with a collection of Russian and foreign car manufacturers.
• Was arrested in the southern Urals machine gypsy gathered behind the wheel 202 fine »»»
As a result of joint work of bailiffs and traffic police officers sent to the court to address the issue of administrative arrest 23-year-old Roma from Krasnoarmeysky district.
• Head of FAS will leave the country if President Putin would be »»»
In an interview with the famous Russian newspaper, the head
• "Drunk" drivers take to register »»»
Health Ministry of the Russian Federation proposes the introduction of dispensary observation of drivers who were denied the right of driving for driving while intoxicated.