Daihatsu test a model of the future

Daihatsu will appear at the Tokyo Motor Show (Tokyo Motor Show, October 24 - November 4) highly eager to experiment. Under the slogan "Innovation for Tomorrow" small-car manufacturer will present a total of 6 concepts: from the small class of environmentally friendly cars to a box resembling a minivan and a car for a holiday.

Daihatsu "e: S" - short for "eco & smart" - for the information of the manufacturer is the prototype of a new generation of midget cars, optimized for the environment. Despite the axle distance 2,17 m, the place should be enough for 4 people. A car weighing just 700 kg fitted with such modern technology as a system of "start-stop and chilled gas recirculation (system EGR). Without the aid of hybrid components "e: S" in the Japanese driving cycle will be spent on the liter of gasoline per 30 km.

Both the concept "Tanto Exe" and "Tanto Exe Custom" continues the idea popular in Japan komapaktnoy model "Tanto". According to the developers, these four-door car focused on more efficient fuel consumption and lower weight. Moreover, thanks to the numerous design details of new items should be not only interested in a wide range of clients, but also the expectations of the premium.

Minivan with the technique of "underground"

Minivan "Deca Deca", as the so-called model of "Super-Box", promises to please a practical and versatile interior. High boxy design makes it a reliable car and concise form. In addition, the authors have relied on the concept, technique, hidden under the floor of the car, so that almost all the interior space belongs to the passengers. For carrying extra bulky cargo elegant seats can be folded.

The essence of the concept "Basket" is embedded in its name: its arc security open angular compact car really reminds cart. Inside are seats for 4 passengers, behind the rear seats is space for luggage. This mixture pickup and is crowned by a retractable convertible roof, rigid N

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