Murmansk activists outraged ONF why port workers luxury minivan for 2.8 million rubles?

Activists of the “For Fair procurement” of the regional branch of the Murmansk region ONF sent to the Director of the Murmansk branch of “Rosmorport” Vladimir Parkhomenko treatment to assess the feasibility of acquiring venture minivan class “luxury” “Toyota Alphard” for 2.85 million rubles. The occasion was the signal of one of the activists of the “Popular Front”, who found the appropriate competition on the official website of the Russian Federation government procurement.

According to the terms of reference, purchased car has maximum configuration. It includes: 3-zone climate control, leather seats, steering wheel with leather trim and wood accents, tinted windows - and a number of “luxury” options. In other words, this purchase has all the signs of inefficient, wasteful spending of the state enterprise.

Experts project “for fair procurement” are confident that in this case the Murmansk branch of “Rosmorport” could easily do more modest analogue car. For example, the vehicle “Hyundai H-1″ in the specification is not much inferior to the procuring car port workers, but it is worth only 1.3 million rubles. Another equivalent - Volkswagen Touran - worth even cheaper: less than 1 million.

In addition, the management of the Murmansk branch could take a cue from his “big brother” - the federal leadership “Rosmorport” that in May this year in a similar situation after the signal activist ONF site refused to buying a car “Audi A8 “nearly 5 million rubles. Later, the company acquired a reasonably priced car - “Toit Camry” for 1.3 million rubles.

In a letter addressed to Vladimir Parkhomenko activists of the regional branch of ONF are asked, in particular, “to assess the feasibility of this purchase, given that in difficult economic conditions in the country embarked on the optimization of budget spending, import substitution and support of domestic producers.” Activists believe that spending on official cars should be modest, and will insist on the abolition of the extravagant purchases.

17 October 2014

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