In the State Duma a bill according to which the car carrying passengers will be able to move the selected bands

The initiators of such a proposal were made by members of the Liberal Democratic Party. As one of the authors of the bill Jaroslav Nilov, the only condition for driving on a strip of public transport will transport at least three passengers. The authors offer are sure that it should help the city cope with the large caps.

In addition, the deputies of the Liberal Democratic Party plans to introduce a special mark in a yellow square, or flag, which must be affixed to the windshield. The camera will record the mark, and such a fine car owner will not be threatened, but it will be possible only if members support in the appropriate committee.

2 August 2012

Published an amendment to abolish the pass inspection
The new law: for drunken driving will put on two years

• In Russia will toughen penalties for sale of cars with foreign license plates »»»
Severe punishment - up to criminal - threatens those who use cars with foreign license plates - for illegal sale.
• The most ridiculous fines for speeding in 2009 »»»
A resident of Kazan received a decision on a fine for speeding at 217 km / h Kazan motorists were sent to a decision on a fine for speeding at 217 km / h.
• Dealers are not interested in free delivery of machines to the Far East »»»
Hoping to cope with imports supported "Japanese women", the Government earlier this year to provide free transportation of domestic cars on the Far East.
• Muscovites have ignored the "Day without cars" »»»
Moscow drivers have ignored the event “A Day Without a Car”, conducted on Sept.
• Committee of the State Duma approved a ban on the reconciliation of the parties in an accident with dead »»»
Responsible for an accident, which killed people, a proposal to ban the exemption from criminal liability after reconciliation with the aggrieved party.