The crane arm in Moscow

Our company Burenka - Auto / provides services for transportation of bulky cargo crane manipulator, such as caravans, machinery, trees i.t.d

17 February 2011

Alfa Romeo has a new transmission
Chevrolet Niva will be even more expensive!

• Autoworld Magazine »»»
Lovers auto transport represent a new issue (March 2010) journal Autoworld!
• "Kid" from Volkswagen: the new compact concept VW UP! »»»
Volkswagen Up! - Functional embodiment of a compact four-seater urban vehicle.
• Unmanaged crane crushed 17 cars »»»
A major accident took place in Novosibirsk on Monday. Unmanaged 18-ton diesel crane KrAZ “went to the crossroads in the area of Labor and crushed 17 cars standing there with people.
• Les concessionnaires ne sont pas intéressés à la livraison gratuite de machines pour l'Extrême-Orient »»»
Dans l'espoir de faire face aux importations en charge »des femmes japonaises", le gouvernement plus tôt cette année pour offrir le transport gratuit de voitures domestiques sur l'Extrême-Orient.
• Dealers are not interested in free delivery of machines to the Far East »»»
Hoping to cope with imports supported "Japanese women", the Government earlier this year to provide free transportation of domestic cars on the Far East.