Was arrested in the southern Urals machine gypsy gathered behind the wheel 202 fine

As a result of joint work of bailiffs and traffic police officers sent to the court to address the issue of administrative arrest 23-year-old Roma from Krasnoarmeysky district, who scored 202 fine for a traffic violation on 173 thousand rubles. “Ten,” a young man who never had a driver’s license, was arrested, said the chief of the press service of the Federal Bailiff Service of the Chelyabinsk region Olga Shebanova.

Executive documents for penalties Man bailiffs began to arrive in December 2012. Come to the specified address in their village Brodokalmak employees UFSSP mother intruder replied that his son does not live here anymore and you need to look Kopeisk. Soon the young man and all withdrew from the register.

Car inspectors and bailiffs in a raid near the tracked machine gypsy village shop and stopped him when he set out. In the hands of the driver was not a single document. At home, his mother found only an identity card, which is issued in case of loss or replacement passport, and signed in August a contract of sale of the car in which he is still registered for the old owner.

For traffic violations 23-year-old man owes 173 thousand. Rubles.

As a result, police officers and arrested describe the “top ten” and the traffic police for driving without a license and evasion of administrative punishment (Art. 20.25 of the Administrative Code) sent to the receiver for the offender detained citizens. Today, the court will decide the issue of the arrest of the offender for 15 days. To repay all the debts he was given 10 days, otherwise the car will be implemented.

18 September 2014

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Severe punishment - up to criminal - threatens those who use cars with foreign license plates - for illegal sale.
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C today in Russia rose sharply penalties for violation of vehicle registration.
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Bailiffs to raid drivers, do not pay the fine. If the defaulter refuses to give a penalty in place, officers arrested his assets - radio, spare tire, or the whole machine.
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On this Sunday in Russia radically changed some rules of the road.