First photos of new Volkswagen Golf 7

3 November 2011 | detail, golf, measure, photography, time

Mercedes wrapped around the pole
“IzhAvto” will produce Renault Sandero, Duster and Nissan Tiida

• First official photos of the new Mercedes SL »»»
The updated Mercedes SL-Class will be presented in March at the Geneva Motor Show, but its appearance can be seen now.
• Did not protect! Leakage official photos of the new Mazda 6 »»»
The appearance of the new Mazda6 declassified. We think it is enough for now to observe kilometer queue outside the dealer nearest you, as well as many loyal fans faint mark.
• VW Golf VI: caught in America (spy photos) »»»
America, in general, is large enough to ride unnoticed for a couple of cars.
• VW Golf VI: Caught in America (photos espion) »»»
Amérique, en général, est assez grand pour monter inaperçue pour un couple de voitures.
• The first photos of concept car Mazda Furai. »»»
Several weeks ago, Mazda showed exclusive photos of their new concept car Mazda Furai, which provoked a lively interest in the society.