Motorists and sellers of cars hit by warm winter

Current abnormally warm weather, which could come to taste except that suicidal They reflect the Europeans broke the record for a hundred years ago. From climate nosensa suffer and motorists, and all market participants in general

14 January 2007 | motorist, record

On the Jeep Grand Cherokee - from Russia to Norway and back
The only “loud” car accident in 2006

• Head of FAS will leave the country if President Putin would be »»»
In an interview with the famous Russian newspaper, the head
• Chery did not consider Russia Europe »»»
Chinese carmaker Chery Automotive does not intend to force the output of its products to European markets, postponing the start of sales model B21, on the pretext that the new product needs to finalize the interior in accordance with the level of comfort to which motorists are accustomed to the Old World.
• The Renault has started an epidemic of suicides »»»
French corporation Renault had expressed serious concern over the increasing incidence of suicide among employees of the company’s research department.
• Russia is ready to become number one for Toyota »»»
The rapidly growing automobile market of Russia could overtake Germany, Britain and Italy by car sales mark Toyota.
• Main Events automotive life in Russia in 2006 »»»
Car market Rosii in the outgoing year was very eventful and records, news and public scandals.