Rally. Tragedy. The car crashed into spectators

The incident occurred last night at the old military airport of the Baltic Fleet, which is located near the village of Nivenskoe Kaliningrad region. According to the police, 27-year-old driver of the car at the speed of BMW crashed into spectators. From loss of life saved by a few cars that stood in front of spectators.

4 June 2006 | bmw, body, driver, p, rally, rate, region, viewer

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Since 10 pm in front of the airport “Tushino” on Volokolamsk highway formed a huge traffic jam of cars: the spectators and participants stood in line for entry.
• "Formula" car nearly overtook fighter »»»
More than 10 000 spectators watched the competition in speed between the fireballs Formula 1 team Spyker and the Netherlands Air Force fighter jet F-16.
• Drunk girl in the BMW pulled down 40 meters fence »»»
It all happened in St. Petersburg on the streets Korablestroiteley around midnight.
• (The fight at the Garden) Jeep rammed 20 cars on the Garden Ring. Owners of crumpled cars lynchings perpetrated on him »»»
Owner silver SUV made a major accident in central Moscow.
• Head ATC was fined 50 thousand, »»»
In April this year on the road near the village Korotchayevo policeman at the request of his friend stopped the car driven by a resident of the village, and unreasonably withdrew his certificate of registration of the vehicle, power of attorney for the right to control and driver’s license.