Our second crew of the “KAMAZ-Master” won third place at the sixth stage of the rally “Dakar-2007″

At the rally “Dakar-2007″ at the sixth stage Tan Tan - Zouerate finished the competition with trucks.
1. Hans Stacey - 3.39:58; ..
2. Gerard de Rui (both - Netherlands) - +14:07; ..
3. Ilgizar Mardeev (Russia) - +16:12 …

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Crew Chagina “KAMAZ-Master” capsized and left the rally “Dakar-2007″
China took second place in the world by sales of automobiles

• The crew of the "KAMAZ-Master" won the second stage of the rally "Dakar-2007" »»»
On Monday took the second stage rally “Dakar-2007″ (Nador - Er Rashid) in the class of trucks, which ended in victory for Russia’s crew.
• Crew Mardeeva "KAMAZ-Master" won second place in the rally "Dakar-2007" »»»
Russia racer Ilgizar Mardeev took second place in the final protocol of the rally-raid Dakar.
• Crew Mardeeva "KAMAZ-Master" after 7 stages took 2 nd place in the overall rally "Dakar-2007" »»»
Crew Ilgizar Mardeeva moved into second place overall in the rally “Dakar-2007″ after gathering at the seventh stage of the crew of the Dutchman de Roy.
• Crew Mardeeva "KAMAZ-Master" gewann den zweiten Platz in der Rallye "Dakar-2007" »»»
Russland Racer Ilgizar Mardeev den zweiten Platz in dem Protokoll der Rallye-raid Dakar.
• Equipage Mardeeva "Kamaz-Master" a remporté la deuxième place du rallye "Dakar-2007" »»»
Russie Racer Ilgizar Mardeev pris la deuxième place dans le protocole final du rallye-raid Dakar.