For 11 months in Russia, raised more than 1 million cars

The volume of car production in the industrial assembly in Russia for 11 months increased over the same period of 2005 to 74% - up to 245,547 cars, said Deputy Director of the Department of Industry Ministry of Industry of Russia Viktor Semenov. A total of 11 months in Russia produced 1.072 million cars (an increase of 11%).

“Growth of the market, we have witnessed in recent years and the key factors that determine the growth, allow us to predict the total sales of passenger cars cars in Russia by 2010 of at least $ 2.6 million per year, but in terms of money - more than $ 30 billion, “- said Semyonov, on Tuesday at the conference” Main trends and results of development of the automotive industry of Russia in 2006.

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Main Events automotive life in Russia in 2006

• Russia sharing it with the UK sales of automobiles »»»
In 2006 sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia amounted to about two million pieces.
• In 2011, Russians spent on new cars nearly $ 60 billion »»»
The volume of the market for new cars in Russia last year reached nearly $ 60 billion, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Russians began to buy more cars at higher prices.
• Lada Granta lost its status as the main bestselling car market (-48.55% compared to last year). »»»
Sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia fell to an annualized rate of 12.
• In February, the Russians spent on cars nearly $ 5.5 billion »»»
The volume of the Russian automotive market value last month amounted to 162.
• Russia is ready to become number one for Toyota »»»
The rapidly growing automobile market of Russia could overtake Germany, Britain and Italy by car sales mark Toyota.