Stavropol Prosecutors appealed the termination of criminal proceedings against the mayor of Pyatigorsk

Igor Tarasov consequence was charged under Part 3 of Art. 264, Art. 125 of the Criminal Code (violation of a person driving a car, traffic rules, negligently caused the death of five persons in danger of abandonment). Criminal proceedings terminated by the court during the preliminary hearing in connection with Tarasova reconciliation with the victims.
Disagreed with the ruling of the court, the prosecution of the Stavropol Territory made cassation idea of its abolition on the grounds that: in a criminal trial court had to consider not only the fact reconciliation with the victims of the defendant, but also the degree of public danger of the offense and the feasibility of the release of Igor Tarasov from punishment.

18 December 2006 | breach, death, ending, face, mayor, movement, result, rule

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