In Russia, prices plummeted used cars

From January to May, sales of used cars in Russia fell by a quarter, according to Kommersant. First of all it is connected with great deals on new cars - after the stabilization of the ruble began to actively offer discounts, and used cars became less attractive to buyers. Note that demand the cheapest deals, regardless of segment.

According to the car auction CarPrice, prices for a number of segments fell below pre-crisis levels. In the compact segment with the beginning of the year prices are lower by 17%, crossovers have fallen by 10%, also showed a decrease in Class C and premium class.

“Kommersant” leads Avtostat data, according to which in May of secondary sales fell nearly 30%. Sales of Lada from the beginning of the year fell by 30,2%, Chevrolet - on 29,3%, Toyota and Nissan - by 33.5% and 30.2%, respectively.

According to the Association of European Businesses in May it was sold just 125.8 thousand new cars, which is 37.7% less than in the previous year. In just five months, sold about 640 thousand. Cars, and last year for this segment car sales have exceeded one million.

15 June 2015

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• 35% of Russians are ready to buy a new car in the coming year »»»
About 35% of Russians plan to buy a car in the next 12 months - such data are given in the study of international analytical agency Nielsen.
• Lada Granta lost its status as the main bestselling car market (-48.55% compared to last year). »»»
Sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia fell to an annualized rate of 12.
• The market of used cars in the segment from 7000 to $ 10000 for the whole of Russia »»»
Price segment from 7 to 10 thousand dollars in the domestic secondary market today is one of the most interesting.
• In Russia, the reduced production of buses and trucks »»»
Production of trucks for the past 8 months of this year decreased by 20.
• Russia has banned selling used cars with hands »»»
Buy cars with mileage in Russia with it will soon be impossible.