Cars Kievers began “to call” the army

In the area of ​​ATO need SUVs, but not bad going and luxury cars.

One of the most discussed topics among the people of Kiev - the owners of SUVs and minivans: take away any of their cars “to serve.” And those whose cars were mobilized, share experiences with colleagues. Such people have dozens, even more owners of firms and companies, whose fleets of cars costing up to a million hryvnia. Part of the car owners, as they say in the Ministry of Defense, offer their machines to the needs of the ATU. Lawyers are advised to invite to the removal of lawyers who follow the correct compilation of acts of reception and transmission, and the evaluation of the machine. It is necessary for compensation to owners later, because the machine could be damaged.

They were taking

How to tell themselves Kiev, mainly mobilizing vans, SUVs and trucks.

“One of our clients owns a small firm, one of the military offices of Kiev wanted to take the needs of the ATO vehicle Mercedes-Benz Viano (according to ads for cars, the cost of the minivan - from 300 thousand. UAH 1.2 mln. - Ed ..) We do not discuss why such a military luxury car, we can only guess that, most likely, for some general. Our client wanted us to be present at the transfer machine. And for good reason. Voenkomat originally was wrong deed of conveyance and did not want to evaluate the car. customers even threatened that now will drive the car for repair, remove the engine. Yet decided in the framework of the legislation. Claims not. Such cases the mobilization of vehicles we already know a few “- told us the lawyer, partner of the law firm” Ilyashev and Partners “Maxim Kopeychikov.

Another popular model “for the war” - SUVs. At the forum now the most active branch, dedicated machines, which go to serve. Write here that the front mobilized from private firms the most expensive cars, in addition, people are afraid that they will pick up and personal cars.

Entrepreneur of the Desna district Kirill, who are registered on the company van, VAZ, Toyota Avensis, Peugeot Partner and the Toyota Fortuner, writes that took the SUV.

“We are keeping cars for their own needs. All cars are registered in the fleet Desnyanskogo district. Received a call from the recruiting office, told to arrive for a warrant for the mobilization of vehicles Peugeot Partner and the Toyota Fortuner, took the” Toyota “, - says Kirill (nickname - Kirill_vaz).

Already in the military found out that the owner is not alone in his problem. With him a few owners of SUVs.

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7 August 2014

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