Putin signed amendments to the law on OSAGO

As experts of insurance companies in the new conditions defeats the purpose of certificates of insurance to be issued to drivers, insurers upon termination of the contract. The driver can be both inscribed in the policies of different cars insured by different insurance companies - to prove a positive history of insurance, now you need to bring information from all insurance companies.

25 November 2006 | amendment, contract, driver, experts, insurance, law, osago, terms, vladimir putin

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• "Feats" on the road will be taken into account in the price OSAGO »»»
Soon the cost of the policy will be influenced by another factor - a violation of traffic rules allowed drivers promised to head the Department of Road Safety Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Viktor Kiryanov in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, in part was published yesterday.
• Published an amendment to abolish the pass inspection »»»
Amendments to the Law of the checkup, and the law on compulsory motor TPL published in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" on 30 July and thus come into force on that day.
• OSAGO - someone who pays? »»»
Automobile owners pay for the policies OSAGO two times more than received.
• Autoworld Magazine »»»
Lovers auto transport represent a new issue (March 2010) journal Autoworld!
• Automobile owners learn about the bankruptcy of their insurer after an accident »»»
Experts have long warned that the insurance companies have become financial pyramid: the collection of contributions and no benefits.