Neat Dutchmen were removed from the streets of traffic lights

Traffic lights make the road dangerous, so it is best to remove them. The same applies to markings and traffic signs. And in general - need to erase the distinction between road and sidewalk. With this “anarchy” motorists, cyclists and pedestrians will continue to coexist safely and happily. Do not believe me? Living in the Dutch town is proved.

15 November 2006 | pavement, street, traffic light

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has figured out how to relieve congestion on Moscow
Car of the future invented in Russia

• Yandex has launched a mobile version of maps of Moscow traffic »»»
Company Yandex has announced the launch of a mobile version of the map of traffic jams.
• In New York build the future street »»»
One of the streets of New York - The Ninth Avenue in Chelsea - will soon be rebuilt and will please cyclists!
• "On the Road": a social network for standing in traffic jams »»»
“On the Road” - a new web project, in which users can share experiences that are watching out of the car from the sidewalk or out the window, to publish photographs of the scene and discuss these things.
• Ukrainian student has developed a wonder-lights for cars over 20 years, which fought in the United States »»»
Ukrainian student Andrew Hodursky from Poltava has developed a unique lighting system of roads for cars.
• Informal penalties for violation of traffic rules will grow strongly »»»
RF General Prosecutor’s Office decided to purge the traffic police authorities and put all the bribes.