Current Motor Show in Geneva was the most environmentally friendly: how many such hybrids have not yet been offered.

Each year in the spring at the Geneva Motor Show, meet all the world’s major automakers, to once again come together in the battle for the heart of the buyer. This time battle razvarachivaetsya on a green field. BMW or Lexus? VW or Toyota? C itroen or Mini? This is just a few pairs of players were warming up on the field. To view the balance of power major competing brands, you can now.

7 March 2010

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• Geneva Motor Show 2010: the crisis shows no interference »»»
International Motor Show Geneva Motor Show 2010, which passes these days in Switzerland may be the most impressive in the last two years.
• Silver - the most popular car color for the past 9 years »»»
In North America, every fourth car is painted in silver color.
• THAT'S ALL? FROM ... »»»
But solid 30 years in a row, that America "will kill" the country from which no one would not expect.
• Cars for muscular body and gets traction motors »»»
American company HumanCar released pictures of its new exotic “green” project.
• New MINI SUV »»»
The current owners of the brand Mini, BMW, confirmed their plans to release an SUV.