New concept Ford Explorer America

Within the Detroit auto show will be shown a new concept called the Ford Explorer America, which was presented recently by Ford. The task of the producers was to update this famous car, which lost its former popularity. The new concept has become more economical, and during its development it was decided to abandon the frame construction.
In this conceptual already possible to judge how the future will look like a serial Explorer. Manufacturers generally followed the example of conventional cars and, having decided to replace the frame one-piece body. With regard to the economy car, the fuel it should consume 20-30% less.
This concept car outfitted with a supercharged V6 engine, which amounts to 3.5 liters, and power - 340 l.sil. More intriguing is the new range of engines EcoBoost - this machine is designed for 4-cylinder version, which has a volume of 2.0 liters, and the expected output could reach 275 hp

11 January 2008 | autosalon, concept, ford, name, popularity, producer, task

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