Chevrolet Tahoe returns

Several months ago, Chevrolet Tahoe SUV stopped officially sold to Russia. But already in April 2008, dealers will offer customers next-generation Tahoe. Large seven-seater SUV is equipped with a 380-hp V8 5.3 engine and automatic gearbox. Car price - 1 747 000 rubles.

9 December 2007 | april, buyer, chevrolet, dealer, generation, market, month, suv, tahoe

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The Japanese have found a new way to deliver their cars in Russia

• Chevrolet Tahoe - 2007 »»»
New Chevrolet Tahoe officially appear in Russia only in the autumn, and even then not yet a fact.
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In early September, UAZ issued a press release, which announced
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• Chevrolet Tahoe - 2007 »»»
Nouvelle Chevrolet Tahoe apparaissent officiellement en Russie qu’à l’automne, et encore, pas encore une réalité.
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